Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Social networking website exclusively for mums

mumscircle.com is an upcoming, first of its kind social networking website for mums. The website Web Design India provides their users with the facility to create an exclusive circle of mothers and device a point based system via which a mum can exchange her services as a babysitter to earn hours (of babysitting) herself. The website has a complete user management system, via which a mum could create her own circle of friends from ground up and then elect the best solution available, when the need arises.
Some of the Benefits:

  • Free babysitting by someone you trust - operates on a points system so it’s fair & square
  • A service controlled entirely by you
  • Takes away the embarrassment of asking
  • Message board amongst your group to simplify organizing a night out or make personal requests (e.g. borrow COT) to the group
Website has a system through which both private and public messaging could be employed. Mums could send messages to a group, or an elected individual in a properly formatted email which could be retrieved from either the receivers current email address, or a special message box encoded in the website itself.

The site has an advanced search facility, through which mothers could search and add potential mums to her own circle. A pre formatted invite could then be sent across to initiate further correspondence.

The website has an appealing web 2.0 look, with nice fonts and neat column design to appease the target user group.

The website has been designed and developed by Technoscore, Web Designing Company India. The website has been built using php as the server scripting language and mysql database at the backend.

The website within one month of its launch is already a great success.