Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our team of professional slicers will hand code your PSD file and convert the same into superior quality W3C validated HTML/XHTML markup. As a quality measure, we check it on 25+ web browsers and major operating platforms to verify its cross functionality and compatibility.

Process of psd to xhtml conversion services:

  1. Receive the Project

  2. We take the designs from our clients in the PSD format or in any format provided by the client such as PNG, PDF, JPG etc. We are also open to receiving the designs implemented on themes or skins.

  3. Project review

  4. Our project manager goes through the project and analyses it thoroughly before instructing the designers to begin with the task to convert PSD to HTML.

  5. Interaction with the Client

  6. Our project manager gets in touch with the client to understand the PSD to XHTML conversion project and to take note of the specifications. In this meeting, the nature of work, volume, deadline and cost of services everything is decided pre-hand, so that both the parties share the same level of understanding and are clear about the terms.

  7. Conversion

  8. The next step consists of conversion in which our designers take the web design file, slice and hand code the same in the desired markup such as HTML, XHTML and CSS. In this process, we ensure that the converted file is W3C validated and meets all the validated CSS requirements.

  9. Quality Testing

  10. The project is then sent to the team of quality analysts who assess if the web pages created meet the criterion of browser compatibility and also verify if the designers have adhered to the quality parameters while converting PSD to HTML.

  11. Handover of the Project

  12. When the project is completed, we get in touch with the client to ask how he wants it to be delivered. As per their preference, we send their project and at the same time give an assurance that anything they are not satisfied with, they can contact us and let us know and we'll ensure that the needful is done on priority basis.