Thursday, November 08, 2012

Enhance Your Business with GUI Graphical User Interface Design Services

If you ever wondered what is the most overlooked aspect of mobile web application user interface design then look no further – its user interfaces. Good quality or of bad- quality, user interfaces are everywhere wrist watches, washing machines, on mobile phones, televisions sets, airplanes and on websites.

One of the big reasons of Website popularity is Design. A heavily designed site with low quality article and 1 minute loading time, can never guarantee success of your website. A perfect user-friendly website is a mixture of many Website elements, which shape the great user experience by the end.

GUI design services are playing very vital role in the web designing or mobile web application designing, as the usability and success of the website depends totally on how the GUI of website is designed. Technically website GUI is basically inputs from users and provides output in the form of web pages requested by users. Mainly, GUI makes interaction with user with website very smoothly.

It is good practice to design website User interfaces that make user browsing experience hassle free and pleasant. If you are a beginner in this field of website design, then there are some essential things, which are talk about below, which you should keep in mind while designing UI for any website.

 • Always recognize your audience or target users. It is most basic rule when you design user interface to know which type of user you are expecting for your website. First make out research on the target users and then start design GUI by keeping them in mind as well.

• Take some references from similar websites. It is better to watch and refer the similar kind of website or applications available on web, as it will help to design most user friendly GUI for your website. Most users already have seen similar kind websites and have experience of using those sites, taking reference from such sites will make your GUI more familiar to the users of your website.

• Integrate appealing, attractive and eye catchy icons, buttons and other graphics. It is necessary to use something which holds user’s attention towards your website and engage them. An appealing and eye catchy graphics & icons will help to do that with ease. • Always try to make it easy for user to recognize recent visited links or changes. Users of website may navigate back and forth between all pages of the site, which makes it tough for them to identify or to remember pages or links they already have seen. Try to make difference and easy for users to identify such things by making them bold or by highlighting them.

 • Always use most appealing and easily readable fonts within your GUI. It is always sensible to use different kinds of fonts to attract users, but at the same time don't forget to read capabilities of viewers. Make sure that the fonts you choose should be easily readable and clear.