Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to Improve Your Graphic User Interface Designs?

Web design mainly contains graphic user interface for most of its part. There are various techniques that are used in making beautiful and functional interfaces. In this article we are going to discuss about some useful techniques that can improve your graphical user interface designs. These designs are not related to any specific theme but these are just a collection of techniques that help you in designing your Graphic User Interface.

1. Typesetting buttons
The thing that separates a good product from a mediocre one is giving attention to the desired detail. Interface elements like buttons and tabs are clicked numerous times by a user, so it is important to typeset them properly i.e. positioning them properly. GUI design services ensure accuracy by keeping these things in mind.

2. Padded block links 
Links are the inline elements for any web page. Their clickable area spans only the height and the width of the text. This clickable area is the space where you can click and can move to the destination of the link and can be increased for greater usability. This can be done by giving padding to the defined text. The larger the clickable area is, more easier it is to click on the link because it will be clearly visible then. Professional GUI User Interface Design Company helps you to achieve such targets.

3. Using contrast to catch attention
You can catch the attention of your visitors by applying a contrast between the elements. This technique can prove to be very helpful for information heavy websites such as blogs, social networks. Because in such cases you have to make a lot of information easily visible with lots of additional information on the page like other links, dates etc. Removing the extras allows the visitors to easily focus their attention on the important pieces of text.

4. Using color to manage attention
Professional User Experience Design Services makes your webpage look attractive by using unique and attractive color combinations. Color combination is one of the factors that are very effective to get your visitor’s attention on the important elements. Mainly the things that need to be highlighted more are colored with red color as red is very bright and powerful color and attract people easily.

5. White space (space) indicates relationships
White space is a term used to define simple space that we use between one interface element and the other, be it a button, a navigation bar, text or a headline; accurate spacing is very important for making the webpage beautiful and attractive.

6. Letter spacing
The term “Tracking” is used to describe the adjustment of spacing between letters in words in the field of typography. With the letter spacing property of the CSS we can adjust the spacing between letters in the words. Proper spacing between the letters is very important for a proper formatting of a web page.

7. Auto-focus on input
Usually every web page has some sort of forms on their websites. These can be search forms or inviting you to submit some information. If this form is the core feature of your website, you may wish to consider it as automatically focusing the user’s cursor on the input field when the website loads.