Friday, June 28, 2013

PSD to Email template conversion - A perfect way to promote your business.

Connecting with the customers is an essentiality these days. Giving replies to their feedback and solving their queries will ensure their loyalty. The fastest way to connect to the old ones and attract new ones is the Internet. The internet provides the right platform to business owners so that they can bond real fast with their customers via emails.

An email must be attractive and interactive. To use it as a marketing tool one must ensure that the email template is highly customized. Accomplishing this strategy is possible only when you have designed the mail in photoshop and have a PSD file. As a PSD file is heavy it need to be sliced and converted into a web friendly format. Hence the need of PSD to email template conversion arises. A PSD file once converted will allow you to succeed in your plan. To convert it, one must follow these steps: -

1. Designing the mail: -  The primary step is to design the email in Photoshop. The designing must be attention grabbing and must contain catchy phrases to draw the attention of customers.

2. Slicing of PSD file: - The second step is to slice the PSD file to separate the various part of the email.  This process requires extra precision and the separated parts required coding accordingly as they all have different functions.

3 Conversion to HTML: - The web does not support a PSD file, so this become an essential step so that your hard work does not go in vain. Hence the PSD file is converted into an HTML file to make it more friendly with the web. The file is to be coded and to ensure that there are no errors in the coding you need to run it through W3C validation.

4 Testing of the file: - The compatibility of the file must be checked over different browsers.

So follow these steps to witness tremendous growth in your business. It would be even nicer if PSD to mobile template conversion services are also availed owing to the use of mobile for browsing on internet.