Sunday, March 23, 2014

Benefits of incorporating Responsive Design Technique into your Website

It is the digital age, and as quickly as the technology is advancing, it is making the old technology obsolete equally fast. Earlier people were just hooked to their personal computers and laptops, and now they stay connected to the internet 24/7 via their portable devices. Almost all of us have internet on our phones and smartphones, and tablets are gradually replacing PC’s and laptops. Although, it will take a long time to completely replace desktops, but entrepreneurs and website owners need to catch up with the changing times to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive world. 

With responsive web design and development services they can get websites which are highly responsive on any mobile platform as well as on your laptops, desktops and tablets. One of the key vital advantages of opting for a responsive design for your website is you will get one version of your website that will conform to various devices: desktop, mobile, tablet and so on so forth. 

In simple terms, responsive web design and development aims at creating websites which provide an optimal viewing experience to the visitors across a wide range of devices. They also provide easy reading and easy navigation with a minimum of panning, resizing and scrolling. A responsive website, based on the platform, orientation, and the size of the screen adapts itself to the user’s environment.

Vital guidelines to keep in mind when incorporating responsive design technique into your website:
  • Your website must have content which can be displayed in various environments.
  • The navigation must work in a desktop environment as well as on mobile devices.
  • All the content on your website must be accessible as well as readable on desktop environment as well as on high-resolution displays.
  • The images on your website must be optimized so that they can be viewed and downloaded anywhere and even in a slow internet connection situation.