Saturday, May 03, 2014

Avail Customized Services from a Professional Html5 Development Company

Do you want to provide a secure, fast and responsive experience to your customers with a feature rich application and website that can run across multiple platforms, browsers and operating systems? HTML5 application development is the solution that combines the stability and performance of native apps with the web. HTML5 refers to a broad set of open web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which provides enhanced functionality, richer interactivity, and the best user experience across different platforms, app functionality as well as improved browsing. It helps in developing applications with special effects and attractive graphics.

html5 development services company

One of the biggest advantages of an HTML5 app is that it is more efficient and cheaper to develop it instead of developing several native applications for different platforms. A professional and experienced HTML5 development company help you build feature-rich and business-centric apps that are highly scalable and robust.

Let us discuss some of the key features of HTML5:

•    Semantic elements help in describing content in a better way
•    Helps one incorporate 2D and 3
•    Supports audio and video playback without third party plug-ins
•    With CSS3 and JQuery, it offers a wide range of layout and styling options
•    Provides server to boost performance
•    Allows one to use the same codebase to develop device independent websites and applications
•    Local storage and offline applications
•    Supports geo-location
•    Advanced user interface components

Having the right combination of resources including proficient manpower and cutting edge technology, a reputed and reliable HTML5 development company provides specialized web solutions, bespoke to one’s budget and business needs and requirements. They offer a rich array of services including HTML5 web development and HTML5 app development. The professionals work closely with the organization and work as per one’s business priorities. You will get the best web browsing and user navigation with custom HTML5 development.