Monday, January 06, 2014

The Increasing Need of HTML5 Mobile Development

Although HTML5 is still in the development stage, HTML5 technology is apparently expected to grow rapidly in the next few years. The requirement for HTML5 app development is on the rise too, as HTML5 has been predicted as the future of the web, offering a multitude of applications and services which are accessible virtually on all mobile web media.

html5 mobile development company
Application development for mobile phones is also on the verge of a massive change. New innovations are taking place every day and mobile companies are coming up with better and feature rich phones on a frequent basis.

While developing a mobile application, the developer should certainly keep some considerations in mind. Creating mobile applications especially for Smartphones will be very good if we use a native programming language. If the developer uses native language to create mobile applications, then the advantages include richer API’s, complete specification of features, and better packaging systems.

Mobile applications with HTML5 base have certain advantages such as:  

Ease of Access -  Semantic HTML5 is the reason why making a site becomes easier. With semantic tags in HTML5, a reader can read the contents of the website with ease. The mobile development experts say that HTML programming language is very easy and is being widely understood and preferred by developers all across the globe.  

For all platforms  - Cross platform is an advantage that is most sought-after by mobile application developers. HTML5 can be run at large in any browser or on any device. Almost all the latest browsers support HTML5 and it has been made such that each browser, even the old versions can recognize it.

Video and Sound -  Often the users have to install plug-ins such as Flash Player, to view the videos and listen to music in the browsers. With HTML5 tags you can enjoy the video and sound without the need for additional plugins.

These reasons along with several other beneficial features and advantages of using HTML5 are making HTML5 mobile development services highly popular and sought after.