Monday, January 13, 2014

Why And Why Not You Should Go For Native App Development?

HTML5 has become a favorite of developers for the development of a new generation of applications and online services for Smartphones. They are confident that HTML5 is the future of the web. Soon interactivity will be given priority. One of the major achievements of this language is the ability to create websites that look good on mobile phones/Smartphones, PC monitors as well as tablets. With each passing day the number of people using the internet to search everything and anything, using their mobile phones is increasing at a rapid speed.

Eminent companies offer HTML5 development services for many devices such as-

- Web
- iPhone
- Android
- Windows phones

html5 application development company

The developers using HTML5 can create hybrid applications. Native development for mobile platforms requires proficiency in numerous programming languages. For each mobile OS, the developer is obliged to create a specific application, which creates additional costs and does not facilitate the maintenance of these applications. HTML5 has emerged as a solution, resulting in its rapid adoption for mobile developers.

Pros of Native Applications:

- Native code is faster and reliable. Native Software Development Kit's offer app profiling and performance optimization options that make a huge difference in the user experience.

- Native platforms have matured over the years and offer rich set of development libraries that help in building feature rich apps.

- Native app is a perfect option for those who want total control of their application. From device hardware control to performance optimization, every aspect of the app is in complete control of the developer’s, provided the SDK supports the required functionality.

Cons of Native Applications

- The biggest disadvantage is the cost of development which is considerably higher. You have to build an app for each platform you want to support that becomes an expensive proposition.

- Finding experienced and expert developers requires some understanding of development platforms and available tools and technologies that the developers must be skilled in.

- A native app is difficult to maintain as it requires several code-bases, maintenance and deployment.