Friday, May 16, 2014

Convert Flash to HTML5 to Register Your Presence on All Major Devices

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and it works across all browsers and devices, thereby offering a rich browsing experience to the users. As a stack of CSS, HTML and JavaScript, HTML5 does not require third party plugins to play videos, and 2D and 3D graphics in the commonly used browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. If a website is not based on HTML5, businesses and companies lose a substantial amount of visitors as internet users fail to access the websites on their handheld devices due to compatibility issues. If your website is Flash based, it is time to convert Flash to HTML5 and expand business reach.
Convert Flash to HTML5

Some of the notable features of HTML5 are listed below:
  • Provides enhanced web experience of the users and seamless navigation
  • Supports all the major devices like iPhone and iPad as well as browsers like Firefox and Chrome
  • Provides superior functionality, rich multimedia support and new semantic features
  • Allows developers to generate and use innovative designs for web pages to attract more visitors
One of the cost-effective solution is to avail professional Flash to HTML5 conversion services from specialized vendors that have a dedicated and able team of proficient designers, developers and programmers. They work in close coordination with the clients and cater to one’s specific HTML5 conversion requirements. They convert the files and data from Flash to HTML5 to increase user experience with better web sockets, flow charts, email inputs, attractive graphic features, error handling and 2D games with numerous add-ons, flowchart and data caching.

By outsourcing Flash to HTML5 conversion requirement to a professional company, you get 100% error-free and accurately converted documents. The conversion specialists structure, presence and enrich the application’s content with some really amazing features like CSS transforms, multimedia components, drag and drop editing, user-interface and canvas graphics, etc. When they convert Flash to HTML5, they make sure that the re-purposed HTML5 code is executable on most of the mobile platforms.