Friday, May 09, 2014

Hire PHP Developer to Work on the Most Appropriate Framework

PHP is a powerful and the most popular scripting language, owing to its scalability, flexibility and ease of use. However, it can get monotonous and repetitive at times. Here, PHP framework can help one streamline and speed up the development of web apps written in PHP. An appropriate framework can also help in promoting rapid application development, which in turn helps in building stable web applications. For efficient services, one can choose to hire an experienced PHP developer who is adept at working on PHP frameworks.

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Let us discuss the top 10 PHP frameworks:

1.Laravel- It is an open source PHP framework that helps in building huge enterprise apps and writing powerful controllers.

2.Phalcon- Phalcon is one of the fastest PHP web application frameworks. It is implemented in C and is robust, secure and provides high performance.

3.Symfony- It is a PHP framework for web projects. It is an open source platform that helps one speed up the process of creating PHP based web applications.

4.Code Igniter- Considered as a powerful framework, Code Igniter is popularly used to build dynamic websites with PHP.

5.Yii- It is an open source and component based MVC PHP web app framework. It is feature rich and helps in reducing web application development time considerably.

6.Aura- It provides high quality and standards compliant libraries that can be used in any codebase.

7.Cake- Written in PHP, it is an open source web application framework. It helps in building web apps quickly, simply and with less code.

8.Zend- It is an open source framework, implemented in PHP 5. It uses 100% object oriented code.

9.Flight- It is a simple, fast and extensible PHP framework that helps in building web applications.

10.Kohana- It is a PHP5 framework that uses Model View Controller (MVC) platform and provides components to build web apps.
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