Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why Opt For HTML5 For Mobile App Development?

HTML5 is a powerful and feature-rich platform for development of mobile as well as web applications. Termed as ‘the language of the web’, HTML5 is to create simple, intuitive and browser-friendly web pages. One of the best aspects of this mark-up language is that it supports different platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. For customized mobile apps, business owners prefer outsourcing HTML5 mobile app development to specialized vendors that have the right mix of resources including proficient manpower, state of the art infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies.

Let us outline some of the notable features of HTML5:

Offers complete flexibility, high speed and stability
Compatible with all the major Operating Systems and browsers
Semantic elements help in presenting content effectively
Helps one incorporate 2D and 3D effects
Supports audio and video playback without third party plug-ins
With CSS3 and JQuery, it offers a wide range of layout and styling options
Allows one to use the same codebase to develop device independent websites and applications
Has geo-location capabilities
Advanced user interface components

By outsourcing HTML5 mobile app development to experts, you can get a fast, responsive, interactive and secure application. A dedicated and able team of competent UI/UX designers, visual designers and software engineers would work on your project to deliver solutions that are bespoke to your specific business needs and requirements. Highly skilled and experienced HTML5 developers provide the best possible assistance in creating mobile apps that are unique, engaging as well as interactive.

Holding extensive experience in developing high performing and user friendly HTML5 mobile apps for diverse industries including sports, information technology, entertainment, education and others, competent HTML5 developers are adept at developing custom mobile software and applications, User Interface design and prototyping, HTML5 and CSS3 mobile website design, plug-ins development and much more.